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Time is money

Spend it wisely






Empowering customers to pay with their free time

Forvii is the point-of-sale revolution for "Buy now, Pay later" models

Use Forvii at the point of purchase

Forvii sits at checkout as an option to buy goods & services without spending a penny up front





Pay off the cost by using Forvii each day

Customers complete their purchase by providing a small % of their free time over a pre-agreed upon period



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Forvii was started to revolutionise the concept of Buy now, Pay later models. Leveraging technology, we offer an interest-free point of sale facility to a broad spectrum of clients (e.g. online retailers, insurance services, subscriptions).

Our customer base is able to buy goods & services without spending a penny up front. In our novel format, the user contributes to the purchase price that was paid up-front, by us, on their behalf.


All that's needed in return is a small % of the user's time each day. The user has the freedom to exit the arrangement at any time.


In delivering on our mission, Forvii aims to increase financial inclusion for customers that are excluded from mainstream providers and drive increased profits for our merchants. 

We provide a win-win situation for the merchants we work with and their customers: our merchants enjoy increased transactional volume and even more customers can enjoy the benefit of making purchases they wouldn't necessarily be able to afford.


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